Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Theory was great; learning how to build scales out of tetrachords and why scale degrees have been given the names they have truly excited at least 2 students.  They're seeing the big picture and loving it.

After yesterday's disciplinary discussion, I did a better job laying down some law today, and it felt fine.  The first class I worked with has good and bad days, and today would have been good without my strengthened tone, but it was a great day with it.  The second class I worked with just about only has bad days, but I began today's class by rearranging their assigned seats.  They have been surreptitiously moving around and I've been letting them get away with it for too long; they were almost all sitting by their most distracting friends and things were almost out of control.  Today, I decided on the spot to move many of them, and I'm very glad I did.

I also went to my first MS sporting events today.  I wasn't able to stay very long, but I did enjoy watching them play.  I've now been seen by many parents as a supportive and involved teacher.  Cool.

O Weisheit (Arvo Pärt) - Taverner Choir

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