About The Pedagogic Verses


I am a new music teacher in the eastern USA.  I am primarily a singer, and intend to conduct choirs and teach academically focused musical subjects. I am a member of the Research Blogging group hosted by Seed Media Group and my relevant posts can be found here.  I also have a twitter account, @PedagogicLuc.

I post reflections on my teaching experiences as well as about educational news, research, and philosophy.  I also analyze music-related research, especially if it has to do with music cognition.

I began this blog while student teaching under Mrs. D, who teaches HS Concert Choir, HS Music Theory, MS 7-8 Chorus, and MS 7th General Music.  Posts from its inception to December 2010 are about that experience.

To get the most out of this blog, be on the lookout for the iTunes links at the bottom of most posts (they initially identified the music that I played for Theory that day, but are now more freely chosen), try to notice and enjoy the literary allusions and puns (mostly in titles), take advantage of my tags if you prefer a particular topic, follow me on Twitter, and participate in comment threads.  I welcome input.

"Luc Duval" is a pseudonym.