Thursday, September 23, 2010


Those girls were hardly better in the front row.  It's bothering the entire choir.  Two of them did homework and ignored us completely, the others were just disruptive.  I'd give some more genuine reflection on this if I weren't tired and making a late post...I'm just getting angry thinking of seeing them again tomorrow. was perhaps the first not-so-crazy day.  Theory went well, GM classes went well.

Oh, walk-out girl got revenge on me today.  I left the room to go make copies before class started and she walked out a moment later to yell, "Hey, teacher!  Come back, we need you!"  She was laughing as she did this, but when another student poked his head out and said, "Yeah, we need you to come back," I went back.  Then I discovered it was pure retaliation.  Well-played, team Theory.

We got the pleasure today of an assembly on electronic communication.  This essentially was focused on cyber bullying and sexting.  Well...assemblies are inherently dull, but the woman giving this speech was pretty good; not in an entertaining way, but just in the way she argued, "Don't do ______ because you'll get caught (electronic communication records don't go away) and this is what the school does and this is what state law does (it isn't pretty and can be unfair)," as opposed to, "Don't do ______ because it's immoral!"  Then we had a faculty assembly, with the same speaker, on the topic of Facebook!  That was just silly.  It was silly that there were a few people who were so worried about the internet that they had questions at the end, and it was silly that the rest of us have heard it all before and had to hear it all again.

I should only post when awake.

Noise Brigade - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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