Monday, September 6, 2010

Meditations on First Blogosophy

I am a student teacher in the eastern USA.  Due to paranoia about students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and potential employers ever coming across my online activity and finding a speck of it to be inappropriate, I call myself Luc Duval.

I am working with a cooperating teacher, Mrs. D, who teaches HS Concert Choir, HS Music Theory, MS 7-8 Chorus, and MS 7th General Music.  I am primarily a singer, and though I have determined I would like most to teach secondary school, I've not yet identified (not that I have to) a preference for MS or HS, therefore, I'm very excited to have this assignment.

I am obligated to write daily reflections on my experiences, and since it can be tedious to tell the same stories, updates, and thoughts to numerous people, I've decided to make my reflections available on this blog.


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