Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm getting very frustrated with a disruptive group of girls in choir.  I really hope that separating them (as we will soon) will solve the problem.  Mrs. D doesn't think it will.  Grrrrrrr.

We sailed through a unit of expressive markings (dynamics, tempo, and articulation) in Theory today.  Sweet.  I got to play some great music (below) as illustrations of points of the lecture.

"Surprise" Symphony 94 in G Major, Mvmt. I (Haydn)
Symphony 7 in A Major, Mvmt. II (Beethoven) - London Symphony Orchestra
"Oxford" Symphony 92 in G Major, Mvmt. IV (Haydn)

Today was an early dismissal day, which meant that the schedule of classes was topsy-turvy.  However, I enjoyed the sequence of GM classes that we had today.  The rowdy class did quite well, perhaps because we had them before lunch.  In all classes, we had fun playing melodies like those from "Smoke on the Water" and "Ironman".  Teaching an instrument about which I barely know more than the students is an adventure.

The day ended with a music department curriculum meeting.  I'm not in the mood to go into the craziness of satisfying the administration (and state) by modifying curriculum outlines, but I'll mention that we did enjoy some amusing conversation.  Teachers really can be relaxed and jovial people, I hope you know.

String Quarten No. 5, Mvmt. I, II (Glass) - Kronos Quartet

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