Monday, September 6, 2010


I gave the Theory quiz today (in addition to a couple of previously played pieces, I used three for the quiz that were new, these are listed below).  I played two listening selections afterward.  They did quite well, the lowest grade being a 22/30.  I later got to explore and work with the online grading system that the district uses.

La redécouverte (From Amélie) - Yann Tiersen (iTunes)
Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie (iTunes)
Seven Days - Sting (iTunes)

Man - Mamer (iTunes)
Back Blurr - Skunk Allstars (iTunes (band only, not this song))

Post-quiz and pre-extended weekend, Mrs. D and I decided not to start a new unit in GM, and instead use a filler lesson.  She has this sing-along video meant for ages 3-5 that is full of awkward innuendo and terrible representations of character.  The lesson is in being an educated consumer and the students write down everything that they consider to be inappropriate for kids of the intended age.  The lists are long.

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