Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It turns out that the girl who walked out yesterday just wanted to say "hi" to other teachers and see if I'd notice.  I love it when they test me and I win.

I realized that I may not have ever told you why I put links to music at the end of each post.  The music I post there is whatever selection was played in Theory that day for the purposes of discussion.  I play something during class (to break up my lecture) every day, and if a student brought something I'll play that instead.  So, if I can find an iTunes link (or something else without looking too hard), I'll provide it.  If I can't, I'll just identify the piece.

Each GM class got a short talkin'-to from me today about my role in the class and why I need their quiet and respect when I ask for it.  I think it sounded like, "Me teacher!  You listen!"

Tomorrow, Mrs. D will be absent and there will be a substitute.  She left him a "lesson plan" saying that she has a student teacher and he doesn't have to do a thing.  So...I plan on doing a little bit of work with the HS Choir on a piece we started today, teaching Theory as usual, giving quizzes in GM, and working with just the boys of the MS Choir (I need to teach them to match pitch).  Well, here goes nothin'...

Gros Zéro - Yelo Melo

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