Monday, September 27, 2010


We're beginning the study of scales in Theory, which is a big deal to me because I now feel like the theoretical aspects of music can be approached; we can be mostly done with the details of notation.  Also, during the review of the test I was caught in one of those situations where I have no choice but to be mean. A student said, "I didn't know that we had to know the notes on a keyboard," and I had to point out that it was on the review sheet and it's just too bad she lost a couple points.  I'm glad I don't have much of a problem with sticking to my guns like that (the MS students are actually more persuasive, if only out of annoyance).

I'm still paranoid about putting too many details about myself on this blog, but I must state that the conversations one can have with MS students can go in some amazing directions — question by question.  Telling them about something you did over the weekend can easily lead to questions about something completely irrelevant, and it's difficult to be aware enough of how far the class has strayed to be able to say, "We're done.  Moving on..." while eager hands are still up.

I attended the beginning of the first after-school HS show choir meeting.  HS students can be excessively energetic at the end of a day.  I did a good job learning most of their names, though.

Edit - Regina Spektor

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