Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20 - Why are they so loud?

Near the beginning of Theory, when people were still mingling but supposed to be sitting down, one of my students walked out of the door.  I said to another, "Where's she going?" and got a shrug in response.  The girl who walked out saw Mrs. D and another teacher she knows in the hall and said to them, while continuing to walk down the hall, "I don't think he knows I left!"  Just as she finished saying that is when I opened the door, went into the hall, and yelled, "Hey, pupil!  Where do you think you're going?"  Her red-faced response was immensely gratifying and she returned to class.  We had some great laughs about this, both during and long after the event.

I'll find out tomorrow where she was planning on going.

The rest of the day was just LOUD!  I was beating myself up after the first couple of GM classes because of the difficulty I was having keeping them quiet enough for me to hear myself, but then my techniques were very effective with the last section of the day and then the MS choir was incredibly rowdy with Mrs. D in charge!  So, Mrs. D and the choir convinced me that I wasn't entirely to blame.  Unfortunately, this means that KIDS ARE LOUD AND IMMATURE.  Oh, wait...I did know that already...I just try to pretend reality away...thus is the nature of an educator.

When the last student left the auditorium after choir, Mrs. D and I both took a breath and closed our eyes.  Mrs. D said, "Picture a big box of wine hooked up to an IV," and we exhaled with calm.

So, readers, do you remember how much your teachers seemed to want the day to be over when you were in school?  They needed wine.  I'm having a cabernet tonight.

From a student (the walk-out): Diverse City - tobyMac