Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Education (Part 1)

I teach because I get to make my passion for learning into a career, because I feel rewarded when I think I've made an impact on another's mind, because I must make profound connections with people to succeed, and because I get to see others grow and achieve.  I am a musician because I've found music to be a grand unifier; it has history, science (math, physics, neurology, biology, physiology, evolution), culture, linguistics, sociology, mystery, emotion, philosophy, psychology, creativity, malleability, poetry, dance, and surely more, all connected as roots of an immortal tree.

With this passion and this knowledge, I simply couldn't bear to let someone else have all the fun :)

When music education is given a chance, it accomplishes great things.  Students, communities, and educators can be inspired by well-performed artistic expression.  Students can be motivated to understand and find the infinite connections between music and other subjects.  They can also overcome certain fears, mature with self-discipline, find solace or an outlet, and connect with others on the deep level offered by ensemble.

Wow...that's a lot to strive for, isn't it?  To be a music teacher, one must be a little bit crazy...

That stated, we'd have a country full of passionate musicians if every music teacher produced all of those results with every student they have.  However, to be frank, none of us can...not alone, at least.

(As I've chosen to make this "Part 1," please enjoy the cliffhanger ending.  Also, feel welcome to comment with questions or stories of your own, as they may influence "Part 2."  Yes, I am trying to use my readers as muses, for I do my best thinking when considering the statements/thoughts/actions/perspectives of others.)

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  1. This is my favorite post by far. The only thing that would've been different for me: When someone is emerge in making music, it is nearly impossible to wake up, a new day, and want nothing except to make more.