Monday, November 1, 2010


In-service day!  We began with a music department meeting (teachers from the whole district) as required by so-and-so in such-and-such a position.  We had to watch a video of a who-is-that? performing his duties as he-does-what? by telling the department more about this grand curriculum-mapping plan that he is having us implement.  Mrs. D and I were then able to return to our room.  She worked on mapping, I worked on seating charts/outlines/lessons, and we both distracted each other constantly.  It was a moderately productive day.

We went to lunch at a nearby mall and one of my Theory students saw us/me and yelled my name.  I was caught in a really weird moment of not knowing how to respond and the first thing my stupid brain thought was, "It's Monday, she should be in school!"  So...I said, "Oh, hi!  Wait, why aren't you— never mind, you have the day off!  Haha."  I will be laughed at for this tomorrow.

I had a mock interview today.  It went well, though I need to make my answers shorter and give more specific examples of things I've done.

I'm very nervous about tomorrow.  I will be introducing the HS Choir to my selection and I'll be hosting three new classes of GM.

In spite of all of this, I have decided, partially on request, that I should put my general thoughts on music education in a single post.  Since I'll be overwhelmed the rest of this week, I will attempt to write it tonight.

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