Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I gave a really great lesson for General Music today (my supervisor was straightforwardly impressed).  I taught them about monophonic, polyphonic, and homophonic texture (as well as about the organ) in shortened class periods.  I used a couple of great videos (of the same piece) as well as a few other audio examples (I had each class singing "Yellow Submarine" on the way out).

My favorite organ fugue played wonderfully and shot to demonstrate the organ well.

Polyphonic texture visualized.

We also had conferences this evening.  Mrs. D and I met with just one parent, who had a student with us that was attentive and a pleasure to have in class.  I did find out that the student enjoyed the guitar unit so much that the family is considering getting lessons.  Chalk one up for the rewards of teaching :)

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  1. Fantastic. Both the visual representation of the music and the personal success! Watching the visual while the music was playing was an incredible way of seeing the true complexity and genius of it all.