Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The Theory class was extremely talkative this morning.  Mrs. D and I both participated and I decided to just let it go.  I didn't start discussing subject matter until there were 15 minutes left in class, but I still covered a couple of important things (and didn't play a listening selection).  I didn't mind.  Sometimes a class just needs to talk.

We calculated today that we're 5 days ahead of schedule in General Music.  This is partly because I'm present to continue units on days when Mrs. D isn't there, which would typically be days of little progress.  We planned some activities for those days, though.

Regarding classroom management, I'm starting to feel quite good about students understanding and meeting my expectations.  Mrs. D even complimented me today by saying something like, "You're getting mean!  I'm so proud!"  Which may sound bad, but really means that I'm more effective in making class continue without making the students hate me.  They really are a resilient bunch.  In an almost related note, I pulled a particularly difficult boy aside today and complimented him on his recent good behavior and genuine focus on learning.  I found out after class that just a minute after I did that, Mrs. D had done the same thing!

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