Friday, October 15, 2010


During our second GM class there was an announcement instructing the school to go into non-emergency lockdown so that drug-sniffing dogs could do a sweep of the halls/lockers.  Besides closing the door, most classes were able to proceed without changing their lesson.  We, on the other hand, had all of our guitars out in the hallway and were no longer able to retrieve them.  We ended up playing a few YouTube videos related to the one that we planned on playing for all of the classes (embedded below (and special thanks to the friend that showed it to me)) and then playing pictionary.

I worked with the boys of the MS chorus today and they made me angry.  I've been frustrated before, but today I got mad for the first time in these weeks of teaching.  I had a hell of a time keeping them focused, even though they understood and would proudly declare that they're "here to sing!"  These dozen boys were twice as difficult as my classes of 30 students.  I felt so confused, because I'm convinced that they wanted to sing and understood me when I asked them to focus, but focus just wouldn't last more than a moment.  During those moments they showed me some good sound, some sound that I would be happy to show others.  In the last 10 minutes we joined Mrs. D and the girls, and the minute amount of composure that they had went out the window.  These boys are ridiculous.

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