Monday, October 18, 2010


What a day.

Mrs. D exploded during HS Choir today and threw out the excessively rude and disruptive girls. The rest of the class verged on applauding (we're glad they didn't). It doesn't end there though; Mrs. D received an e-mail from the administration saying that they don't want to permanently remove anyone from any class and that "perception is an issue." There's never been a reason to specify this until now, but these girls are all of the same ethnicity.  So, in short, all possible frustrations about unfair ethnicity-based treatment, classroom management disasters, apparent lack of administrative support, and loss of rehearsal time have boiled over.  I feel this saga has reached its climax, but that the "falling action" will be mostly a plateau.  Tomorrow, the girls will be back in choir and everyone else will be wondering why.  I can hardly wait.

In GM, the "American Musicals" unit takes a week to complete, so we started it today.  All three classes elected to watch "Guys and Dolls" over other options.  The third class even knew what the first two chose.  I really would've preferred some variety.

During rehearsal after school with the show choir, some I.T. people came to the choral room and said they needed it for the choir moved to the orchestral room.  That...doesn't quite make sense to me.  Also, while playing some sample music for them, the power went out briefly.

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