Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, we got out the guitars again today...oops.

It wasn't actually a mistake, but it was sure a headache to have on a Friday.  I've been working this week to quell the chaos of the GM classes and have been succeeding.  This means that we ended the week by letting them sit wherever they want and play with things that make noise.  It went as well as it could, we even got some more make-up work done, and I'm just desperately hoping that things will be back to "more attentive than usual" after this guitar unit.

I was prepared at the end of the day to stay late and grade papers and work on some things but Mrs. D convinced me to "Go home!  It's Friday!  Grade them next week."  Thanks :)

Today was "Crazy Socks Day."

This was my spirited contribution.

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