Friday, October 22, 2010


I had to postpone a Theory quiz because of [expected] absences today.  I also played them a song that I thought they would like but they completely didn't.  Hm.

The MS was an adventure today.  It was Picture Day!  This meant that for one of our classes we didn't have even most of the students back until class was half over; a bummer when trying to finish a movie.  There was also some crazy girl drama that they tried to rope us into today.  Girl A and B are super bff's, but they've been bitter about each other lately.  Today, girl A told a teacher that boy A was saying very mean things about boy B.  Girl B reports that this boy was falsely accused and that girl A has "an attitude."  We'll be keeping an eye out to see who ends up in trouble for the alleged meanness.

In the faculty room at lunch a couple days ago there was this disgusting smell coming from someone's lunch.  There was a teacher with sardines who was blamed for this — it was kind of funny.  Today, however, the woman who sits next to him divulged that it was actually her fish that created the smell, and she hid it away and let everyone blame the guy.  This story was very funny, so we had a riotous faculty lunch.

There have been some rampant computer issues.  This is not the post where I'll discuss the technology environment in detail, though.  In short, the computer I use needed to be re-imaged yesterday and now today something happened with the internet filter that is causing everyone to be blocked from sites they could previously access.  That was pretty annoying.

Crash Years - The New Pornographers

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